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Anise, or Aniseed, was a much loved plant in our grandparent’s time – it was used extensively for its great flavor and was used in tea, desserts, cakes, cool drinks – even cooked cabbage.

These are hardy annuals and hail from the Mediterranean. They are quite simple to grow – they do need full sun though. They make a great companion plant for lettuce, tomatoes and spinach.

The flowers are great for adding a delicate flavor to a range of different things and they look pretty as well. For that alone, it is worth making space in your garden.

For medicinal reasons, however, the seeds are what you need so if you have not got a garden or are too impatient to wait, get a pack of the seed instead.

For medicinal purposes, add one teaspoon of aniseeds to a cup of boiling water and leave to infuse for 5 minutes. Sweeten with honey of you like. Take advantage of the big discount on you acne solutions with this exposed skin care coupon.

Drink the tea every day to help with acne – be sure to chew a few of the seeds from the bottom of the cup as well. Pregnant women, however, cannot use the seeds or flowers at all.

Make an extra cup of tea to use as a skin wash as well. Dab onto the skin with a cotton ball and leave on for a few minutes before rinsing off. Do this morning and evening in place of toner.

This is great for reducing the size of pores, clearing up acne and treating oily, troubled skin. Keep some in hand in a spritz bottle to spray over the face during the day to mop up oil.

This herb is safe to take for a prolonged period of time but it is a goo idea to give it a break for a couple of weeks every second month or so.

Be sure to do an allergy test before you put this on your face. Once you are satisfied that you are not allergic, knock yourself out.

Drinking the tea everyday has other health benefits as well – it helps soothe the digestion, eases colic in babies, helps with painful menstruation, is useful for easing respiratory tract infections, etc.

There is not a whole lot that this little plant is not able to do.

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